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I (Sal) attended a first of kind conference (March 29th-March 31st of 2006) for myself; in Baltimore, Maryland. I went with David and Tom of Center for Small Towns (at Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport)It was a very informative conference, which I had to reflect and share what I learned:

The Office of University Partnership, which is affiliated with H.U.D.-sponsored this conference. Here is a site with more notes taken from the conference=> COPC Presentations

Wednesday, March 29th

We arrived in time for registration (5-6p). David set-up a display to show what we are doing with the COPC Grant in our community...

Thursday, March 30th

Welcome & Introductions @8:30-9am

General Session: Investing in Community/University Partnerships
w/Ralph Smith, Executive VP of Annie E. Casey Foundation

"Change-Making & Not Just Grant Making"
1. Choose A Problem
2. Lead with powerful ideas
3. Become relentless about results
4. Seed and Cultivate Commonsense consensus

Concurrent Sessions/Workshops:
1. Beyond Service-Learning: Training the Next Generation of Community Leaders
w/Elson Nash, Corporation for National & Community Service (listed in nat'l comm. serv), Learn & Serve Program (moderator)
-Patricia Smith, Louisiana State University Community University Partnership
-Jan Shoemaker," " "CCELL " " "
-Terry Hickey, Community Law in Action, Inc.
-Trisha Edwards Baltimore Freedom Academy (not present)
-Key Resources: Campus Compact
They all shared about the different projects they are each doing in getting the "youth" (high school and college age) involved (e.g. mentoring) in the communities their schools/colleges are in. One project is the law school students volunteering to get young inner-city high school students work on major social issues of their community. They even started a separate school for high school youth focussing on law school. It's a very new school that started 3 years ago and students are required to dress professionally every Thursdays.
Application: An idea that came up to me is getting young h.s./college students in Morris to take on in-classroom projects (with teachers approval) relating to the COPC Projects (e.g. Art Class-Community Design Team, Polticial Science/Social Studies Class-Ideas for the "old" Elementary School property)

2. The College as an Engine for Community Economic Development (Tom M.)
3. (David F.)

Luncheon & Plenary Session: Creative Community Partnerships: A Growing Presence in Community Economic Development @12-1:45p

w/Reverened John Heath (bio), Exec. Dir of "The Community Services Administration", senior pastor of The House of Mercy, shared about "Where there is a vision, there will be provision". Don't forget where you came from (e.g. was at a homeless shelter and now helping bring people out of there-personal story/testimony)!
Biblical Scripture Verses: 1 Solomon "3 chords" can't be broken; Habukkuk-"write the vision down"
A. 4 Winds
1. Government
2. Community Organization
3. ?

City of Baltimore Neighborhood Tour (pictures)

David F. talks with Pastor (Jacksonville, FL) as they each wait for their tour bus to leave from the back of Wyndham Hotel Baltimore.

Reception at the American Visonary Art Museum

Kinnard Wright with folks at the reception-Dick Cook sharing with others too

I'm posing outside of the art museum

Friday, March 31st 2006

The Future of Community-University Partnerships in the Local Community @8:30-9:45a
w/Dr. Gar Alperovitz, Professor at UofMaryland (community-wealth)
shared about the "greed" of others (1% of population) keeping the others below and in poverty, which he suggests the co-op (e.g. employees having a share of ownership of their company) alternative.

*during the question and answer session, he promoted Victor's involvement in this similar mission

Models for Institutionalizing Community Partnerships On Campus and In the Community @10-11:15a

Concurrent Sessions/Workshops:
-Community Health

Open Discussion w/Facilitators
-Partnership Challenges: "Why Can't We Just Get Along?"

w/ Meredith and M. Ann Howard of Rochester Institute of Technology

Plenary: Lessons Learned and Things to Take Back Home
w/Dick Cook and Kinnard Wright

A young lady from Amherst College-Massachussetts shares her perspective of the 2-day conference

Tom and David (at Mineapolis-St. Paul International Airport) ready to go back home to apply what they learned from this informative 2-day conference

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