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When communities talk about diversity? Some start to "hide-out" or "hold-back" on their personal intake on this issues. It is a topic that needs to be talked about before "something bad happens", which was part of a conversation that ended a recent Safety & Security Focus Group Community Meeting (Thursday, October 14th) at the Otter Tail Bldg: Minnesota Room. I attended earlier this month (October 2004). This is my personal results from some research I did:

Q: Why should we learn about ethnic diversity?

Valuing Diversity
(taken from Blandin Foundation Partnership-Community Assessment on June 1999)
Current Status Summary
"...Dealing specifically with racial issues will be difficult because of lack of exposure for the residents in the community....There is not a broad exposure to different ethnic and racial backgrounds so peoples views are based on whatever limited experience they have had, which may not always be positive...We strongly believe that valuing diversity should play a significant role in any endeavor this group takes on and that learning to value differences is very important"

Preceptions Team
"People of race fell like they do not "belong", however, they fell "tolerated". They only slightly agree they will be welcomed."

Future Trends Group
"As the young people move away, employers may recruit workers of different ethnic backgrounds creating a need for Cultural or Racial Diversity Programs"

Racism History

1993-Halloween Incident
UMM Football players play a practical joke on an African-American teammate that becomes more of a serious incdent. They take a football player out in the cornfields out of town torwards Alberta/Chokio. Some football players hiding comes out dress in KKK outfits and scare their "Black" teammate. 1996-PFM Incident
Filipino-German female freshmen gets into a racial heated debate on Native American Indian Free-Waiver Tuition at Food Service-Proffesional Food Management
1998 (summer)-As a Gateway Mentor, I took a group of first-year college students (mostly African-American) to a local grocery store and was just "stared" at as the group of us entered the store. It would've been nicer to see a smile and a "welcome"...
2002-Filipino American reports of being followed around at various stores. He would noticed customers would just tighten on to their purses when he would pass by.
-Asian-Korean Student "Unwelcomed" at Old #1
Korean American student enters Old#1 with some peers celebrating some int'l student's birthday. As he enters the bar, he gets greeted with Caucasian American Men making squinty eyes. Then they walk out as the dance nears to an end towards their car along W. 5th St. (across Don's Cafe). Some mid-20's Caucasian men start singing "God Bless America"
2003-African American Kids called the "N-word"
Morris resident writes in the Morris Sun Tribune editorial that she head some Caucasian kids called young African American kids at a local park be called the "N-word". (Fall of 2003)
2004-Asian Student Association Posters Graffitti: ASA put posters throughout campus advertising their annual "Taste of Asia (supper)". After being put up, posters were found to have racial remarks written on it.
2006-"Stop Racism, Stop Sexism, etc..-Kill All White Males/Men" posters put up throughout campus by Caucasian College Male Student, which causes controversy. Dispute between students because of uncertainity of the message and messanger.
?-UMM International Student from Cameroon working at a local home for senior citizens and an elderly woman asked her-"Where is your tail?" (referencing to people being evolved by monkeys)

There has been countless ignorant racial remarks overheard in the community over the years:

-"They are taking all the jobs from US Americans" [home setting]
-"I'm not going to be a N-word to you (implying being a slave-pertaining to washing the dishes)" [home setting]
-"I hate to be cotton-picking for this, etc.. [work setting]"

Reccomended Resources


  • Issues: Racism, from GoodnewsUMM
  • UMM Alpha, a campus-community resource connection in Morris


  • Open Eyes Open Mind, a publication by the University of Minneosta-Twin Cities Campus in 1995/1996 (?)

  • *I was given this book my freshmen/sophomore year, and I felt more at peace reading this as it has stories of folks "like me" from close ethnic-racial-minority background. I was able to relate to many individuals featured in this book, which showed me that "I wasn't alone"



  • Cultural Diversity Training Resources Online, from Diversity U
  • Diversity Training, from Employee Univeristy
  • Denouncing Racism: A Resource Guide of Faith-Based Principles, book by NCCJ

  • *referred by Elaine of COPC: CDS

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